Why choose us?

Why should you consider Cycle Ventures to assist you during one of the best trips of your life? Well, we care about you. In every way and at any given time of your cycle journey. We have been operating on the A2O trail for many years and have selected the best it has to offer: great accommodation, fantastic food, the best extras. Do you like boutique hotels? Then you will like our boutique tours. There is only one thing you will have to do yourself: enjoy the trail. Don't take any risk when booking this once in a lifetime experience: choose Cycle Ventures. We are 100% locally owned and operated.

Five things that make your A2O unique 

  1. 100% transparent: no surprises with regards to pricing

  2. Luxury food: wine tasting, boutique picnics…

  3. An extra day for you to enjoy on our Full Tours

  4. A personal journey in small groups

  5. Meet the best of Otago: people, accommodation, culture…

It’s not a ride, it’s an experience…


Without a doubt, our price is very competitive. That is because everything is included: accommodation, meals, bike hire, transport, etc. All you need to do is enjoy the scenery. When comparing operators, make sure to compare their inclusions in a detailed way. With Cycle Ventures you get lots of surprises, but not with regards to the pricing.


The scenery will be stunning, but we have added an extra dimension to the trail experience, a culinary dimension that is. We have added a wine tasting, luxury picnic lunches, a special cook visiting during your trip, … It’s so good you’ll have a hard time losing weight.

  • Boutique picnics: with a quality coffee and a wide choice of local products to suit all tastes we make sure every pick-nick is a unique team moment.
  • At dinner time we ensure as much as possible that you can choose off the menu. Set menu’s spoil the culinary fun, but not for our guests. We even have a wine tasting to test your nose.
  • Final dinner night at the award-winning Riverstone Kitchen. Having arrived in Oamaru, you deserve a special treatment. In one of the best restaurants of NZ, you get what you deserve.


In comparison to most other operators, our Full Tour package includes an extra day for you to enjoy the A2O experience. That means less stress and more experiences to share with your team: Get Steam Punked, visit the Victorian Precinct.


We are a small company and we are proud of that. We have put our heart and soul into our operations so that you enjoy it in the best possible way. We guarantee small groups and don’t steal your experience: you will get all the personal space you need. We aren’t strangers, we’re just friends you’ve never met.


The Otago atmosphere is unique on the planet. Because we live and work here, we can show you the best of it. That means getting to know our animals, accommodation, and people. You’ll sleep in a unique lodge, stay on a homestead and sit in a hot-tubs. You will also meet our locals, farmers that tell you all about life on a New Zealand farm. You’re going to make new friends here because on the track our friends are your friends.