Meet the Team

Only passionate people work with Cycle Ventures. People who love the activities they do and work in! Keeping clients happy and delivering life memories is the aim of the game. To do this we believe that staff must enjoy the activities they work on and be masters of their sport. Having a great understanding of what people enjoy and our key values of quality and service is a must. Cycle Ventures offers the best tours on the Alps 2 Ocean.

Meet Mark, owner/tour guide

I was fortunate enough to have grown up in the McKenzie country and call this piece of paradise home.  The first adventures were motor bikes & mountain biking on a high-country station.  Experiencing the passion first-hand with riding the Alps 2 Ocean I bought cycle ventures. cycling being part of the company’s activities the development of the A2O cycle trail was perfect for us to operate on. ensure it’s a holiday to remember.

Cycle ventures understands it’s the small differences, the personal care and attention to detail that makes the perfect holiday