Meet the Team

Only passionate people work with Cycle Ventures. People who love the activities they do and work in! Keeping clients happy and delivering life memories is the aim of the game. To do this we believe that staff must enjoy the activities they work on and be masters of their sport. Having a great understanding of what people enjoy and our key values of quality and service is a must. Cycle Ventures offers the best tours on the Alps 2 Ocean.

Meet Rob, owner/tour guide

I was fortunate enough to have grown up with some great inspirational people in my home town of Frome in the UK.  The first adventures were underground, often groveling through muddy rarely visited caves.  Inspired by local adventurers, caused me to pursue expeditions around the globe, Russia, and Patagonia being the highlights.   Once finishing an Outdoor education degree work started in the Peak district and Changed Horizons was born to work with disaffected youth.  A number of overseas school expeditions and some world traveling found Oamaru to be home since 2005.  Vertical Ventures was created to provide adventures to local schools and tourists.  With cycling being part of the companies activities the development of the A2O cycle trail was perfect for us to operate on.  With over 20 years of delivering adventure education and guiding our tours have been created with soul and passion to ensure it’s a holiday to remember.  Now we are 8 years into the tours and we see many return customers bringing their friends. Cycle Ventures becomes our trading name as our cycle products become the all-time favourite.  A2O Lets go!

Meet Jan, the most amazing guide in the world!

A big statement I know, but those who have been fortunate to meet her will agree.  She has years of guiding experience with clients on cycle and by foot.  Jans care for you whilst on your holiday is outstanding.  She has a wealth of knowledge and will fill you with local information and tantalising food.  Her salads are divine!

Jan studied outdoor recreation and her work path has been through adventure and education.  Her experience in these fields ensures your tour is safe with any challenges supported.

Meet Tilly, chief trail tester & unicorn wrangler

One of the young members of the team is often responsible for making sure the mud is removed from the bikes, but also very effective at finishing off any leftover lollies after the tours.  Her fun life-loving attitude spills through to the delivery of all our services.

Meet Sid, mechanic (holder of duct tape & matches)

Man of many talents working behind the scenes mending and creating devices to intrigue clients and staff.   Also often responsible for the cleaning of bikes and other small team members too!