2. Braemer Road to Twizel

Following the turquoise blue Lake Pukaki along gravel roads and smooth cycle trail you head away from Aoraki, Mt Cook. Stop to soak up the magnificence of the scenery around you. Once you leave the lake you head directly to Twizel across the Pukaki Flats.

Highlights and points of interest:
  • Lake Pukaki
  • Tekapo B Power Station
  • Pukaki Dam & Spillway
  • Links With Te Araroa Trail
  • Pukaki Flats
  • Mountain Bike Trails – Pukaki Kettle Holes, Dusky Trail, Twizel River Trail, Baikie Hut, Darts Bush Stream
  • Mountains – Benmore Range, Ben Ohau Range
  • Distance: 42km
  • Fitness: Easy
  • Skill: Easy
  • Traffic: Low
  • Grade: 2
Track surface:
  • 43 % gravel road
  • 12% sealed road
  • 45% smooth shingle


A2O section 2: Braemer Road to Twizel

From Braemar road junction you will continue along the gravel road for 18km to reach Tekapo B power station and the start of the sealed road.  There are toilets and plenty of places to stop and enjoy the views across Lake Pukaki.

Travel for 5km along the road to reach the dedicated trail on the right near the highway. The trail skips along the side of the lake winding up and down through the trees and rose hips.

At 29km you will head over Pukaki dam and towards the Pukaki visitors centre (31km).  From here you head across the highway and over the Pukaki Flats, a dry grassland that sometimes is referred to as the dessert! Follow the signs to cross the highway again into Twizel.