7. Kurow to Duntroon

Feeling thirsty? No problem, we ride to the Waitaki valley's very own wine area. Let your nose do the work today. Via an old paper (!) road we cross different rivers to find a historic site with Maori Rock art and continue further to the cosy village of Duntroon.

Highlights and points of interest:
  • Kurow Island
  • Waitaki River
  • Vineyards
  • Maori Rock Art
  • Kurow Museum
  • Duntroon Wetlands
  • Vanished World Centre
  • Nicols Forge Blacksmith
  • Brewery Hole
  • St. Martins Church
  • Distance: 28km
  • Fitness: Easy
  • Skill: Easy
  • Traffic: Low
  • Grade: 2
Track surface:
  • 2% gravel road
  • 1% sealed road
  • 97% smooth shingle


Section 7 Alps to Ocean: Kurow to Duntroon

Before you depart from Kurow you will see the trail signs take you off left and to the edge of the Waitaki River. Follow the trail for a bout 3 km until you pop back out by the highway and follow it to the winery at 5km.  This could be your first stop for the day having a coffee or even a glass of wine!

Head through the winery and back to the edge of the river along Haul Road (an old paper road).  The section of the road can be shared by recreational 4 x 4 so please be aware of this.  You will go across the Otiahe River at 11km and the Otekaieke River at 15km.

The trail pops back to follow the highway to the Takiroa Maori rock art site at 23km.  You cross the road from the trail to gain access.  Continuing along the trail you head back towards the river and to Harris Street which takes you through the Duntroon Wetlands in the centre of Duntroon.