8. Duntroon to Oamaru

You exit into the small settlement of Duntroon and head on to quiet roads and cycle trails, passing Elephant Rocks, film locations and through The Rakis Tunnel. You will reach the coastal town of Oamaru, your final destination. Cycling through the town you will see many of the Victorian buildings and get a feel for its history. Ride to the end of the trail at the harbour and celebrate the end of your journey! Congratulations.

Highlights and points of interest:
  • Elephant Rocks
  • Vanished World Fossil Sites
  • Historic Tokarahi Branch Rail Line
  • Maori Rock Art Sites
  • Oamaru Historic Victorian Precinct
  • Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony
  • Oamaru Botanical Gardens
  • Historic Rakis Railway Tunnel
  • Elderslie Estate
  • Distance: 54km
  • Fitness: Intermediate
  • Skill: Easy
  • Traffic: Medium
  • Grade: 3
Track surface:
  • 13% gravel road
  • 17% sealed road
  • 65% smooth shingle
  • 5% sealed track


Section 8 Alps to Ocean: Duntroon to Oamaru

From Duntroon, you head on the cycle trail to Elephant Rocks at 6km.  From here the trail takes you through the Hore property and through the set of Aslan’s camp in the movie Narnia. After this, the short Zig-Zag challenge takes you out of the gully and onwards to rejoin the road at Prydes Gulley.  You then drop down into the limestone valley escarpments of Island Cliff.  Follow the valley towards Ngapara until you head left up a side valley onto a trail next to Karara Creek.

After the bigger Zig-Zag Challenge, you pop out onto Cant’s road.  Turn left and head up to Peaks Road where you get the first view of the sea and North Otago.  Follow along this road and turn right onto Tunnel Road and right again at the bottom of the hill (toilet, water, and picnic spot) to find the old railway line (at 27km). In 6km the next point of reference is the settlement of Windsor.  Follow the road shortly to pick up the cycle trail that takes you to Enfield (42km) and on to Weston (48km) over the new bridge.

Once you arrive at Saleyards Road head down the hill into Oamaru.  The trail goes right through the Gardens across State highway 1 then through town.  Once you get onto the main ‘shopping’ street you turn right down to the end of this, turn left by the Information Centre, right at the next junction by the Steam Punk HQ and then left at the Criterion Hotel down Harbour Street.  At the end of this street turn left and find the end of the trail 200m by the harbour at Friendly Bay and the Pacific Ocean!