Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is in Vertical Ventures blood and we have searched out a couple of great venues to scale! The wonderful Elephant Rocks has an amazing setting with the backdrop of the Mt Domett in the St Marys Mountain Range. Our coastal climbing venues are about an hour drive south away, a short journey for the atmospheric cliffs and white sands. Our climbing instructor has been guiding people rock climbing for 20 years and can cater for complete beginners to experienced climbers. If you already climb and are looking to head to Elephant Rocks to go bouldering we can hire you shoes and a bouldering pad too - just give us a call.

Elephant Rocks

Located about 25  minutes from Oamaru and on the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail is this amazing place.  A jumble of huge boulders formed after thousands of years of eroding have left a playground for climbers.  You will learn how to climb and safeguard each other by belaying. We will also teach you movement techniques to help you scale the rock face to reach your peak!

Elephant rocks is also a top bouldering venue.  If you choose we can also spend some time bouldering. This type of rock climbing has become very popular, is great fun and is very accessible.


Total time for adventure: 5-6 hours.

$150 per person @ 3+ people per party.

 $210 per person @ 2 people per party.

Includes all equipment and picnic lunch

Coastal Climbing

Imagine, white sands, blue sea and crashing waves as you climb on Otago’s’ sea cliffs.  Our day can be designed for beginners through to experienced climbers wanting 1 on 1 guided ventures.  The climbing is perfect too for climbers wanting to learn to lead on bolts or with traditional protection. Included in the day will be movement coaching and belaying.


Total time 7-8 hours.

  $170 per person @ 3+ people per party.

  $250 per person @ 2 people per party.

 Please inquire for 1 on 1 guided climbing.


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